With chronic illness, supplements are a way of life. If your bathroom counter is like mine, it looks like a pharmacy. You really shouldn’t be wasting any more of your energy than necessary to keep stocked up.It can all be managed really simply by using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. Most supplements should be available in this program.

By creating a subscription on eligible items, you save 5%, and can set the frequency for any given item from one month to six months.

So, for example, if your Vitamin B12 comes in a 60 pill bottle, you would create a subscription for every other month. However, I highly recommend arranging your orders such that you order at least five things in a given month because then you save 15% instead of 5%.

Prices on Amazon can change, so it’s a good idea to login every month to sanity check them.

For prescription drugs, you should be using Express Scripts Your doctor can send prescriptions directly to them, or you can print a form and fax or your prescription. Using this service, you can have your drugs automatically delivered, and request refills without calling your doctor (though my doctor sometimes calls me in when I do this).

Note: I theoretically make a small commission on items purchased through Amazon Affiliate links.